Funny Electric Toys

Welcome to, where we hope that the toys featured below will provide you with an array of options that promise a popular twist on technology. Toys come in an abundance of varieties, and each one has a vast array of exciting features ready to be discovered.

There are toys that can be controlled directly from one’s smartphone, as well as customizable smart toys that try to encourage the learning of life skills in kids, all the while providing them with a source of entertainment. It can be a difficult challenge for adults themselves not to get drawn in to the entire mesmerising experience.

For the Artist in Everyone

For the artist in the making, there is the availability of, for example, ginormous robotic pens that printout designs – in 3D format. Again, it is a tough chore for any adult not to get swept up in all the excitement this brings. Such pens are capable of creating awesome and fun optical illusions, which allow the writer or creator of the works to create whatever their heart desires.

For the kids who are just starting to get their grip on writing and creative expression, toys like the ‘Etch A Sketch’, whereby one uses a magnetic pen and board to write and doodle on, the fun is seemingly endless. There are also creative inventions like the paintbrush, which easily connects to a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to create master works of art in digital format with simple strokes on a screen, much like a contemporary professional artist who works in the digital world.

For Adventurers

For the adventurers, outdoor fans, and risk-takers, the choices of toys are many and varied. Electric, sizeable, lighted zip-lining kits are a hot item. They light up like disco balls, which you can hang from one tree to another, taking turns riding and swinging away to your heart’s content. It is a game dazzling for kids and adults alike, sending its users into a state of adrenaline-induced trance and contagious giggles.

Money can also get you giant, fluorescent, human-sized Poi balls, which change and transform into an array of shapes as you roll them about. For the aspiring princess of the sea, you can get your hands on a gorgeous mermaid (or merman, who knows?) tail, that you can flip about like a goddess of the sea.

For the boys who are into kickboxing, you can punch away at giant, stuffed kinetic animals (think stuffed, giant smiley bears) that will pop right back into starting position. If, after punching, your risqué personality pushes you to venture further, you can of course always choose to sleep in a shark-style sleeping bag whilst venturing in the great outdoors!

Techy masterminds who have got no time to explore their gadgets in the great outdoors, may want to opt for fancy, alien-shaped voice recorders, which, as an added bonus, serve as spy cameras that safe-guard your important techy toy investments.

If, after so much exploration, you feel you might be in need of some laid-back time, or perhaps you miss the company of a close and dear one, why not cuddle up to a warm, microwaveable, lavender-beads-stuffed sloth toy? Certainly better than a stinky, real-life alternative!