Casino Toys and Equipment

The draw of having one’s own casino set up at home is huge. Entertaining friends at home without the need to leave the house is a much simpler, safer and cheaper option. However, there is a fair amount of equipment required before this can be finally achieved.

A True Casino?

If it’s a real casino that you want in the house, then there is a whole ton of hoops and regulations to jump through and follow. For example, gambling regulations need to be checked for the area to see whether it’s even legal to operate a commercial casino there. Doing casino payouts to players is something which is regulated in different ways in different countries. Alcohol, age and cash on hand regulations all form big barriers that you may need to get past. Once all that is in place, then the actual poker equipment is next.

Many casinos actually go out of business, so there are plenty of marketplaces for used and second-hand casino equipment to be found, if this is the way you want to go.

Toys and Equipment

For the simpler casino experience, or just to have a relaxed few games, the options are easier. But you’ll want to think carefully about the kind of games to purchase. The first purchase should of course be some good packs of cards.

  • Poker

So many games revolve around cards, with poker being the usual and perhaps most popular alternative. Poker, and all other casino games, requires chips in order to complete the casino feel. These can be found as a set, for example, the Las Vegas Laser Clay 500 set. The chips have an authentic feel and are 39mm in diameter, and weighing 14g, recreating the essence of the real casino. A poker table is also a must when setting up a poker night. Green folding poker tables are available and should be acquired to complete the home casino.

  • Roulette

Other games such as roulette require a little more space due to the size. Different sized wheels can be purchased, with small 10 inch ones being available. These usually come with a number of balls included, so that the game is instantly playable.

  • Craps

Good quality packs of cards are essential, as wear and tear can help other players in knowing what the different cards are, and the packs would also have to be regularly replaced. For craps, dice are necessary as well as a craps table. So be aware that this little venture could end up taking a good deal of room.

Hand Held Casinos

Of course there are cheaper options than going all out. Cheaper and portable. There are many electronic apps on the market containing poker games, including handheld electronic slot machine games. Though they are fun and can be taken anywhere, they don’t have nearly the same type of feel as actually recreating a casino in one’s home.

Real casino games at home can make some of the best toys for adults, allowing you to engage in a passion for which you now don’t even need to leave the house.