Best Winter Toys for Kids

Keeping children entertained over the winter months can be hard. But when there are endless toys and games to be played, both indoors and out, this task becomes so much easier.

It’s Snow Fun

Of course one of the most favoured pastimes during a snowy winter is a snowball fight. What better way to beat the odds than to get a Snowball Slingshot? This functions as an excellent booster, reaching distances of 80 feet, to get more speed and accuracy in those fights. It also doubles as the perfect snowball maker. Simply scoop the snow into the cup at the front and the slingshot does the rest.

For those children a little less action inclined, there is the Paricon Snow Castle kit, containing three different forms with which to shape snow. Two different brick sizes and a typical crenelated fort shape make up this box. Easy to use, a well-constructed fort, igloo or any other snow creation can be created within minutes.

Snow and Slide

Trying to get about in the snow can be hard, but here are some fun and easy options to make things easier. First up is the Street and Snow scooter. The framework remains the same, but the wheels easily unscrew off and sliders with a snow brake can be attached. The excellent braking system ensures that safe speeds and braking are maintained whilst in snow mode.

For some simpler sliding fun, why not try out the Walrooz sled, a simple walrus inspired sled that allows endless rides to be taken with no complications?

Baby Snow

If you’re looking for some toys for babies then look no further. Sometimes the hardest ages of all to satisfy, there are many, many options, from snow-themed plushies to snowflake mobiles. Even something as simple as some nice winter clothing can be a blessing for a baby. Winter hats, woolly onesies, and knitted socks all help to make the winter life of a baby that much cosier.

Stuck Inside

Of course there are those days when going out is impossible, but how to entertain the children? Never fear, for there are endless entertaining indoor options perfect for those long winter months. For younger kids, there is the indoor trampoline. Get them burning off some energy on this entertaining toy.

Disney princesses are always a hit with the girls, and with the addition of Frozen to Disney’s repertoire, there is no better way to fit the season and bring joy to your little princess. Colouring books, card games and even some interactive TV games abound, with quizzes and facts to fill every little head.

Some of the standard fallback indoor toys consist of Lego, Playmobile and Duplo, all depending on the age of the child. These all help to stimulate children, helping them to create fantasy worlds, or simply to try and figure out how to build something. With the huge range of themes applied by these brands there is always something wintery to choose from, if that’s what is desired.

Winter is never boring. With endless options for games to play both inside and out, winter will never be the same again.