Best Toys for Adults

Let’s face it, adults are really just big children, and as such still have the same type of needs. Sometimes it can be hard to find age appropriate toys. And sometimes it is simpler to give that big child just that, a child’s toy.

Electronic Enjoyment

In this technological age it is a logical choice to head to the electronics department and find some fun little gadget or device for an adult to play around with. Depending on budget there is a huge range. For those at the high end there are hovercrafts, orca-shaped submarines and green bicycles, all providing adult fun and a sense of adventure exploring new and uncharted worlds.

For those with a lower budget there are easier and simpler gadgets to buy. For example, cameras equipped with 3D printers can make for an entertaining pastime. Hours can be spent creating phone cases, artwork or replicas of famous landmarks for around the house. Usually included are some ideas and options to use, so there is no excuse for a lack of creativity.

And for those of a truly childlike demeanour, why not a simple voice changer with ten different voice effects?

Age Appropriate

Of course there isn’t really such a thing as age appropriate toys, especially when buying for adults. Adults like to play with anything they might have fun with. An example of this is giant Jenga. This has universal appeal and can be played indoors, outdoors, or whenever the mood strikes. And yes, children can join in too if they stick to the rules.

Or, how about a small device for a paper plane making it controllable via a smartphone? Endless hours of fun can be had, from creating the actual plane to flying it around and making all sorts of mischief.

The Nerds

In this day and age, popular culture is all the rage, and toys are cashing in on this by the thousands. Ranging from Star Wars to Disney animated movies to the classics such as Rambo, there is a plethora of toys all relating to the film genre. Adults in particular fit well in this niche. Lightsabers and small plushy Chewbaccas are all the rage. And how about slogan laden t-shirts with catch phrases only those in the know will understand?

Then there are the game nerds, as well. Board games are a great way for adults to get together and have some fun; Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk to name just a few. Many of these have film variants, too, as in Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or even Star Wars. Games such as Poker Night and other casino toys and equipment also make exceptionally popular gifts, especially for men wanting that boys night in.

In conclusion, the options are endless and the sky is the limit. If someone can dream it up, it exists, and adults being perennial children, they will forever enjoy them all.