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When toy shopping there is nowhere better or more comprehensive guide than toysontour.co.uk. Filled with exciting and innovative toy news catering to both adults and children alike, this is a must see for any toy enthusiast.

For the Adults

All budgets and alternatives can be found here. With adults tending to go for the higher end when looking for some crazy fun, there’s always the ball pit. Enjoy hours of endless fun rolling around in a pond filled with hundreds of balls. For some electronic fun, why not try out a drone? This is fast becoming the new way to take selfies, so why not join in on the excitement? Or get a home game of some sort like a home casino set up.

Finally, there’s the true big child’s toy: the Apple Watch. Filled with so much to do, from monitoring walking to connecting to the Internet, this is a must have in the world of an adult.

Child’s Play

With so much to choose from it is hard to pick some standouts. Keeping children entertained has never been easier. From a chocolate bar-design bed set to doorway beanbag games and giant bowling sets, toysontour.co.uk covers all topics. And let’s be honest, the adults in the family get to enjoy them, too.

To keep the artistic side alive, there are doodle sets, creative stacking block sets, giant pencils and colourful pirate-themed crayons. For more active children there’s a Night Riderz lit up zip line, or a skateboard for use on grass, snow and roads. And when they finally want to sleep, put them in a shark bait sleeping bag.

Kids and Adults Alike

There are many toys that all ages will love, and you can find these in abundance at toysontour.co.uk. First up, there are the ever-exciting giant straws. Create sensational inventions and explore your creativity with toys that cater to this passion. Giant straws are flexible and fun for the whole family. Create anything your imagination can think up; from castles to bikes, the ideas are endless.

Why not get a re-designable t-shirt? Family fun for everyone, using the provided iron-on strips (make sure the adults do this part) to create strange monsters. Each one can be different. And for those a little more sophisticated, there is always the iPad paintbrush. This allows artistic freedom to flow and keeps the house nice and clean, too.

Toysontour.co.uk provides all you could want when it comes to finding that perfect toy. For the adult or child, no need is too small or too big to satisfy.